#PortlandBusiness: Voodoo Doughnuts

Doughnuts are delicious, but even among this special treat, there are some places that just do it better. Whenever you're looking for the best donuts in Portland, you need to look at the variety, taste, texture, and overall presentation. Voodoo Doughnut has some of the tastiest creations with the best eye appeal in the doughnut industry. Learn more about the amazing treats and merchandise you'll find when you visit this shop.

Types of Doughnuts

Doughnuts aren't all made with the same dough, toppings, and other ingredients. In fact, there are several popular types of doughnuts that this specialty doughnut shop makes, including raised yeast and cake. For the toppings, flavors, and constructions, it can run the gamut. Try a raised yeast doughnut with hibiscus-flavored icing, or get a doughnut filled with guava jelly and topped with coconut flakes. If a slightly more run-of-the-mill is more your style, taste the classic flavor of the Portland Cream, a raised doughnut with Bavarian cream filling and chocolate frosting. Other flavors include raspberry-filled, mango-filled, maple bacon long john, and The Homer, a raised doughnut with strawberry frosting and round sprinkles.

The doughnut shop even manages to dress up the humble cake doughnut. Some of the classic doughnut flavors include peanut-topped cake doughnuts with chocolate icing and vanilla icing with sprinkles, but they also like to spice them up, literally. They have a devil's food cake doughnut that they top with cinnamon sugar, cayenne pepper, and red chili pepper for garnish. You can also get a chocolate old-fashioned, glazed old-fashioned, maple old-fashioned, or buttermilk bar.

They Do Themes and Special Events

Most people like a good doughnut for an everyday treat, but Voodoo Doughnut does special themes for holidays, weddings, and more. Get doughnuts with a spooky theme for Halloween, or you can get a centerpiece with your child's favorite cartoon character for their birthday. Voodoo Doughnut even has birthday doughnuts. Other special occasions that the doughnut shop has made more special include weddings and new baby celebrations.


This doughnut shop also makes a lot of merchandise for its customers to show off a sweet sense of fashion. Get long and short-sleeved t-shirts with the logo on the front or back. Otherwise, the doughnut shop also has hats, hoodies, keychains, and stickers. Apparel comes in men's, women's, and unisex sizes, depending on the exact item. They also feature classic colors, such as black, gray, red, and yellow.

Gift Cards

Patrons of the shop can also purchase gift cards for friends and family, or they can buy them for themselves to use later. There are in-store physical and digital gift cards for your convenience. 

When you're looking for the best donuts in Portland, this doughnut shop is definitely a supreme choice for its variety of flavors and utmost quality in texture and freshness.

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