#PortlandBusiness: Trek Bicycle PDX

At Trek Bicycle PDX, biking is more than just one of the most fun things to do in Portland. It's also a way of life. So, fittingly, Trek Bicycle, aka Trek Bikes, is more than just a bicycle company, it's also a community of biking enthusiasts. That's why all Trek customers can feel secure that the bikes they purchase from Trek are unparalleled in innovation, efficiency, and design.

A History of Bicycling

Trek was founded over 40 years ago in Waterloo, Wisconsin by a pair of visionary friends who grew up in families of bike lovers. What started as a discussion over beers in a bar became a "culture of craftsmanship and rebellion" that today boasts stores all across Portland.

Trek Performance Research Lab

"Born in a barn" yet "raised on rocket science," Trek Bikes creates all its cycling innovations in the Trek Performance Research Lab. From aerodynamics to the best wheels and tires, every aspect of each Trek bike model is meticulously researched and designed to the minutest detail.

A Bounty of Bikes

Whether you're walking into a Trek Bikes store or visiting the company website online, you'll find a bevy of bikes galore to explore.

Looking for an aerodynamic, lightweight, smooth-riding road bike? Check out Trek's Émonda, Domane, Madone, and Speed Concept series, among others.

Searching for a sturdy, well-handling, feature-filled mountain bike? Explore Trek's Roscoe, Caliber, Marlin, Fuel, Powerfly, and Slash series, to name a few.

Want a versatile, fun, cozy, and easy-to-ride hybrid bike instead? Try Trek's FX, Townie, Vale, Verve, and Allant series, for starters.

If it's a clean, quick, and easily navigable all-electric bike you're seeking, give Trek's Townie Go! and Rail series a go, along with electric versions of many of Trek's most popular models.

Bicycles for Good

For the founders and staff of Trek Bikes, riding a bicycle is a way to solve many of the world's greatest challenges, be it fair mobility, traffic congestion, or climate change. For reasons like these, Trek Bikes does more than just make bikes. It also applies its talents and resources to helping it's local and the larger world communities.

Among the causes Trek Bikes has taken up as its own include:

  • Creating safe, accessible cycling spaces through The Trek Foundation to help more folks discover the pleasures of bicycling and the outdoors
  • Helping to provide bicycle transportation to people in developing countries by supporting and partnering with World Bicycle Relief
  • Introducing kids to the empowerment and sense of community bicycling brings, as the biggest contributor to National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA)
  • Lobbying for better biking infrastructure on the local and national levels as a founding member of PeopleForBikes
  • Directing communities to the best places to bicycle in their area through the peer rating system of PlacesForBikes
  • Running BCycle bike share programs for corporations, campuses, and municipalities

Trek also sponsors its own road biking, mountain biking, cyclocross, and triathlon teams.

For the last bikes you'll ever need to own, check out Trek.

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