#PortlandBusiness: Firelight Yoga

Peak Realty highlighting more of our favorite businesses in Portland. Portland is full of a fantastic variety of fitness providers, and some of the most unique options, from fire dancing to High Impact Interval Training gyms, there are options to fit every fitness need (and whim!) you have! 

Today, we want to highlight one of our favorites, Firelight Yoga (FLY), for a variety of reasons. The classes are eclectic, the teachers are diverse, and they even offer virtual yoga classes, both live and on-demand.

Firelight Yoga Classes

FLY offers yoga classes of varying styles and intensities every day of the week, no experience is necessary. Each class has a limited number of spaces open to make sure there's plenty of room for everyone and that everyone gets plenty of personal attention.

Among the types of yoga classes you can find at FLY are:

  • Hot Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa and Vinyasa Flow
  • Deep Stretch and Warm Deep Stretch
  • Warm Yin and Gentle Flow

Classes start as early as 6:00 am and run as late as 9:00 pm (PDT.)

FLY Online

In addition to classes in-studio, FLY offers live-streaming and on-demand classes as well. Sign up for any live stream class and you can attend live remotely or view the class recording when it fits your schedule. All class recordings of live stream classes for which you sign up will be delivered to your email inbox within four hours of the end of class to watch on your own time within three days.

You can even join FLY TV and watch any class you want when you want. Choose from an extensive library that you can search by type of class, teacher, intensity, and length.

Packages and Special Offers

If all these offerings sound good to you, take heart, you don't have to limit yourself to just one. There are a variety of package deals FLY offers that give you a set number of classes and, even, unlimited classes at deep discounts.

In addition to their regular classes, FLY also offers many special programs, such as a 7-Day Reset that includes elements of motivational coaching, personal accountability, self-care, and, of course, yoga throughout each day for a full week. Best of all, as part of FLY TV, you can participate in each part on demand when you choose.

FLY also offers an employee wellness program called Workflow that uses yoga to benefit both employees and their employers. FLY even offers teacher training to those yearning to become yoga instructors themselves.

The Firelight Yoga Studio

Located in the heart of Portland, the FLY studio is clean, bright, open, and welcoming. The main yoga room features hardwood floors and a wall-to-wall mirror opposite full windows letting in fresh air and sunlight.

FLY also maintains a strict Studio Etiquette policy to ensure everyone who attends their classes feels safe, respected, and supported in practicing yoga effectively and enjoyably without judgment or shame.

Try FLY Out!

To experience one of the best yoga studios in Portland firsthand, visit FLY in person or online. Either way, once you've given their yoga classes a try, you won't need to look anywhere else to begin, continue or elevate your yoga practice.

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