Portland Real Estate Market Analysis for June 2021

Listings have been been on the rise in June with 4,298 new ones compared to 3,658 in June 2020. This is an impressive 17.5% increase and is definitely noteworthy, to say the least. Not only that, but pending sales have decreased 3.3% which is good news for the market in June. At Peak Realty, we are excited to get you started towards a brighter future in purchasing a home and these numbers are looking encouraging! Closed sales have also increased by 28.3% since June 2020 and it's looking like a great time to buy in Portland!

Inventory and Total Market Time
Inventory increased to a notable 0.8 months in the month of June. The Total market time decreased to 21 days which is encouraging all around. We are committed to giving you the most accurate statistics and information regarding the Portland real estate market and are one of the most trustworthy real estate companies in Portland. These stats are looking good for the inventory and total market time currently and now is a great time to strike in the market to get that wonderful home!

Year-to-Date Summary
The new listings compared to the first half of 2020 have increased by 11.1% and pending sales increased by 18.8%. Closed rates increased by 25.6% which is great news overall for the Portland market! This data is encouraging if you're looking to purchase a new home and we are here to help make the process much smoother for you overall. There are subtleties in the statistics, but we can help you to develop a sense of transparency and confidence when making that prospective purchase. 

Average and Median Sales Prices
When comparing to last year, the average sale price has increased 20.1% from $468,500 to $562,700 which is very impressive. Observe also that the median sales price has increased by 18.2% from $423,000 to $500,000 and this is significant data to consider when deliberating the Portland real estate market. The market is looking good and we are here to help with the process to ensure you get the most positive results!

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