How Much Money Do You Need To Purchase A Home?

Most people are afraid that it will cost them thousands and thousands of dollars in down payment money to purchase a home in the Portland area.

Did you know there are many loan programs and grants out there to help home buyers? And some loan programs only require three to three and a half percent down. You may even be able to qualify for a loan with no down payment at all.

Hi, I'm Marcus Koss, principal and managing broker in Oregon and Washington. There is no better company to call when you are thinking about buying a home in the Portland area.

Don't continue to rent or dream of home ownership because you're unaware of the options out there to support you.  Call us and let us walk you through the entire process, and we will get you in touch with a local sought-after lender, a real advisor whom we trust to lead you in the right direction in regard to financing.

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