Exploring West Linn: Willamette Neighborhood

Willamette is one of the most desired neighborhoods in the city of West Linn!

Approximately 6,000 residents live in the Willamette area, making it the largest of West Linn's 11 neighborhoods. It lies near the banks of the Willamette and Tualatin Rivers giving you excellent access for water sports, swimming, and walking. Along the east, you'll encounter the Savannah Oaks neighborhood, with Barrington Heights to the north - both of which have great views across the river and throught the valley. Willamette, however,  is unparralled in West Linn as a large neighborhood is a historic community making up 12 very walkable city blocks. You'll find a range of residential and commercial buildings, some quite historic and dating all the way back to the years of 1885 to 1915. These are some of the oldest homes you will find in West Linn.

Willamette isn't known for being pristine and high-class, like much of West Linn. Instead, you'll find a more casual charm and cozy feel that is welcoming to all. A variety of home styles come together to create an eclectic mix that only enhances the neighborhood's charm. Victorians, craftsmen, bungalows, cottages, and farmhouses line the sprawling streets. The variety of homes could be considered shabby chic if you were to look for a common theme among them. A large variety of restaurants  and small shops create the finishing touch of charm to this area, and will keep this a desired neighborhood for decades to come.

Homes for sale in Willamette have a selling price between $539,000 and $3.4 million -- quite a range, but especially dependent upon whether the property has a view or riverfront access. Rent prices run around $1,500 to $2,000 per month, on average which make this a desirable area for investors as well. Most residential homes range from medium-sized, with three or four bedrooms, to larger four and five-bedroom homes. You'll also find some smaller apartment buildings, but most residences are lived in by the owner. The housing market in this neighborhood is quite competitive, with the vast majority of available homes currently being occupied and selling within a very short market time.

There are a total of seven schools in the area. The four elementary schools include Stafford Primary School, Willamette Primary School, Bolton Primary School, and Trillium Creek Primary School. Rosemont Ridge Middle School and Athey Creek Middle School make up the two junior high schools. The older neighborhood students attend West Linn High School. All are rated quite highly.

Willamette is known to be a highly desirable neighborhood in the region for families. That's due to the combined factors of great schools, low crime, and highly livable homes. Because it's made up of such a high proportion of families, the neighborhood has gained a strong sense of community. It's said that the high percentage of college-educated parents has a direct influence on the quality of the schools in and around Willamette. Numerous parks and open spaces also add to the popularity of the neighborhood. Examples of these include Willamette Park, Fields Bridge Park, Tualatin River Open Space, and Swiftsure Park.

As you can see, the Willamette neighborhood of West Linn is popular for a variety of reasons. Along with comfortable homes and excellent schools are all the amenities you could desire in one place. If you are interested in living in Willamette, make sure to reach out to our agents here at Peak Realty, as we are experts in the area and can help you in the process of finding your dream home. 

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