Exploring Tigard: Bull Mountain Neighborhood

If you are looking for luxurious living in the heart of the Portland area, you won't want to miss out on the awesome homes for sale in Bull Mountain. What makes this neighborhood different is that it is a neighborhood that is developing fast with both new construction and large beautiful lot locations to choose from. Because this neighborhood is among the more affluent within Tigard and the greater Portland metro area, you can expect to have the best local schools and a lot of privacy. You can also expect  crime rates to be considerably lower than within Portland proper. On top of that, you are only a few minutes from the city of Portland, which means you always have a big city to go to when you want. Tigard is also a popular city in which to house your home based business, because Tigards zip codes of 97123 and 97124 can both be addressed as the city of Portland. You get all the benefits of living in a big city without any of the downsides.

A Growing Neighborhood

While there are many affluent neighborhoods in the Portland metro area, Bull Mountain is different in some new and exciting ways. In fact, it's why we are so proud of our homes for sale in Bull Mountain. The scale of recent development on the hill means that you will be buying into homes with those who are in largely in your peer group.  There are numerous styles available, from large houses to smaller cottage style development.  Additionally, there are many existing homes on the hill that have large estate size lots with the opportunity to run a "gentleman's farm" and have some light livestock and horse property. New construction on the hill has great beauty and grand style, and we are confident you will easily be able to find the home that fits your unique taste among our listings. Bull Mountain provides plenty of space for your entire family. The final benefit of an affluent neighborhood like this is access to the best public services imaginable.

Enjoy Rural Living a Different Way

As a neighborhood, Bull Mountain is on a hill and sits at the edge of farmland to the west.  This gives you the ability to be outside of the suburb life into the quite and idealic farming country in just minutes - experiencing nature as it was intended to be! That extra nature also means plenty of privacy options for you. You won't have to worry about neighbors disturbing you, as there is plenty of space between you and them. You also still get to experience the modern amenities you would expect from a big city. This neighborhood is for nature lovers who still want modern experiences.

Excellent Local Schools

As Bull Mountain is a part of the Tigard - Tualatin school district, you can expect your kids to get the best education possible. That is what makes this neighborhood such a special place for families. Not only do kids have access to highly ranked schools, but they get the opportunity to grow up in a peaceful and quiet place that puts them close to nature.

Nice and Clean Parks

There are four large parks nearby for residents of this neighborhood to enjoy, plus many smaller neighborhood parks. These parks are well maintained, and they offer incredible natural amenities.  From sports fields to nature parks with walking trails, there are options to keep everyone engaged. Stray outside your neighborhood and enjoy park space along the tualatin river to fish or kayak, and of course, you also have all of Portland's amazing outdoor space to enjoy with just a few minutes of your new home!

Quiet and Private

Ultimately, this neighborhood is a quiet and private place that will be a dream for you and your entire family. You get all the benefits of living near the big city, but never having to deal with any of the problems that come alongside. If you love the beauty of the Portland metro area, you will love Tigard and Bull Mountain.

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