Exploring Lake Oswego: First Addition Neighborhood

The First Addition is one of Lake Oswego's oldest neighborhoods. It offers the atmosphere of a small, self-sufficient town. It offers a traditional feel with modern amenities. If you're considering homes for sale in First Addition, you'll find loads of variety. Single-family homes include Craftsman, bungalow, Prairie Tudor, Gothic, and ranch styles. There are also plenty of multi-family units, duplexes, and accessory dwellings. In order to maintain the neighborhood's aesthetic, guidelines exist for new development created together by residents and municipal officials.

The origins of the First Addition neighborhood come from the need to create housing options for workers of the Oregon Iron and Steel Company. Some of these homes date back to before the turn of the 20th century. You'll find most of the neighborhood's homes aren't flashy, but they do offer an eclectic mix of traditional styles of the time. First Addition is appealing to many because it can be walked in its entirety on foot, and residents have almost everything they need at hand. There's an elementary school, library, adult community center, and grocery store. You'll also discover nearby retail, commercial, and service area, as well as police and fire stations, three churches, and a post office.

Along with the convenience of First Addition is its unique natural beauty, the 650-acre Tryon Creek State Natural Area is located just north and west of the neighborhood. Tall, old deciduous, and evergreen trees are strewn throughout the area. The neighborhood residents so value these trees that they have an inventory of "distinctive natural area trees." There's also a tree removal and protection code, a Garden Club Tree Walk, and a designated program to identify trees with historical significance.

Residents take great pride in their neighborhood. So much so that they've taken measures to ensure it maintains its current charm and distinction. They've set up a customized plan that designates guidance on land use, capital improvements, and building site design. This is a retention effort that's been in place for more than 11 years. Its purpose is to ensure that certain aspects of its charm remain in place, such as the small-town atmosphere, walkability, housing variety and affordability, commercial activity, and access to transit.

They even take measures to manage traffic in the neighborhood. These strategies include traffic circles and other means to discourage too much traffic. There's even an effort along Tenth Street through a surface water project to control stormwater that enters the right-of-way.

Through its natural and indigenous origins, First Addition continues to demonstrate a commitment to work together to maintain its history and traditions. This can be seen throughout its intentional planning efforts. The residents of this historical neighborhood want to ensure its integrity lives on while growing and adapting with modern times.

As with all areas, if you are considering making your move, consult with our team to find homes for sale in First Edition or to list your home today!

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