7 Trunk-or-Treat Ideas That Take Halloween on the Road in 2021

Going trick or treating is a rite of passage for kids, but this isn’t always possible. Some parents may prefer for their children to avoid walking up to strangers’ houses at night. Or, your neighborhood might have homes that are too spaced out for the kids to walk. Trunk or treating is an option that makes Halloween available to everybody. Here are some ideas for how you can set up your trunk or treat this year.

Set Up Candy Land

You can’t go wrong when you tap into the one theme that all kids love. Candy is the name of the game on Halloween, and this classic board game is easy to recreate. You can use a poster board to make cards and signs that look like the game. Then, make some present lollipops and gumdrops to make the trunk look like a wonderland of sweets.

Create a Creepy Creature

This idea lets you put your creativity on full overload. Grab some colored butcher paper, and use it to make a huge mouth with teeth to go across the top and bottom of the trunk. Then, cut out another large piece of paper to roll down to the ground like a tongue. You can add other accessories such as oversized google eyes to increase the creepy factor.

Save the Day With a Superhero Theme

Halloween in Portland wouldn’t be the same without a whole lot of tiny superheroes roaming the streets in search of candy. A superhero theme is easy to pull off when you do it comic-style. Make a bunch of signs with words that you see in comics such as “Bam” and “Kapow”. You can also add a skyline, and dress up as your favorite superhero to greet the trunk or treaters.

Go Retro With The Great Pumpkin

Everyone loves Charlie Brown. This classic Halloween movie will leave both kids and adults smiling. You can print out and blow up some child-size images of Charlie Brown and his friends. Add some big pumpkins to the ground around your car, and look forward to seeing everyone get excited to visit your trunk.

Tempt Tastebuds With an Ice Cream Shop

It might be fall, but ice cream is always in season. Paint some white butcher paper with strips and cut scallops along the bottom edge to create an awning. Then, put out some baskets with Halloween candy organized by flavor. For example, peppermint patties can stand in for mint chocolate chip ice cream

Dare Kids to Enter A Hansel and Gretel Cottage

This fairy tale might have once scared you when you were a kid, and little kids love squealing to this bedtime story. You can use a large box to make a candy house that even has an opening door for kids to walk inside. Once you’ve made the house, set it up so that it connects to your trunk where you’ll be waiting to give them a treat for their bravery.

Play-Off of Your Favorite Movie

There are tons of kid-friendly scary movies that you can use as inspiration for your trunk. Just about every kid loves “Harry Potter” and you can never go wrong with “Beetlejuice”. Pick out a few elements from each movie to use for decorations, and show off your Halloween spirit by dressing like one of the characters.

It’s amazing how many ways you can transform the back of your car. With just a little cardboard and creativity, you can make this year’s Halloween memorable for everyone in your neighborhood. Now, all you have to do is organize a Trunk or Treat event that brings the kids to your favorite part of town.

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